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Counseling Appointments are scheduled for 60 minutes. After submitting a request, you will be notified of your session date, time, and provided the session link via email. Appointment confirmations will be sent to the email that you provided. Please be sure to check the email you provided for this confirmation. In the counseling office, your privacy and confidentiality are of utmost importance. We understand how difficult it can be to reach out to others in time of trouble, and we are here to help. Please remember that we respect your privacy and we expect you do the same. Please be considerate of appointment times. If an emergency comes up, that is okay, and all you need to do is to notify the counselor that you need to cancel within 24 hours — we thank-you for your ability to respect your appointment time. This service is intended for those that seek help with everyday problems or academic information and is not suitable for people that are currently suffering from an immediate crisis. If you are experiencing a serious crisis, please stop now and visit our counseling office, call 1800-273-TALK, or phone 911.